Friday, July 10, 2009

The adventure begins...

We left Saratoga at 4:45 am, thankfully in a limo. We yawned our way to SFO, and checked in with American only to find out that Michael's bag was overweight. He claims it was the special trowel for his dig, but I think it was all the books he brought (hardback history of course). We had to readjust at the ticket counter (so embarassing) but then proceeded to the Admiral's club where I met someone I knew who was on our flight. We were upgraded on our flight which was marred only by a baby in first class who cried most of the flight! Michael slept and I watched "Inkheart". We're having a brief stop in JFK and are about to board for Rome. Ciao!


  1. How unusual that books (not secreted in the spouse's luggage by a Hadden) could cause overweight in a non-Hadden!!! Enjoy Rome and further travels!