Sunday, July 12, 2009

Post from Rome, part 2

Morning came too soon, and Michael insisted I had set my alarm for the middle of the night. He had used the dream time to decide to liberate the rubber ducky in our hotel bathroom. We named it Lance Limencello in honor of Lance Armstrong and Michael's favorite liquer, which if not drunk in moderation, produces a dreadful hangover. Lance is to become our trip "thing" - the Mavericks will understand!

We checked on the strike situation and were advised that it's usually local trains and not the eurostar but that we had to go to the train station to find out. We had our breakfast and re-packed, now including the rubber ducky, and headed out early for the train station. The journey was much better this time with my directions and in the shade. Many trains were cancelled, but not ours! We're now hanging out in the Eurostar lounge taking advantage of the wireless.

We had some trouble finding the door in, but nearly as much as one of the passengers had trying to get out. He looked at the door, looked for some way to get out, not realizing it was a motion sensor from right in front of the door. He first pushed the fire alarm and then pressed and broke the little glass cover to the fire alarm. Police now investigating. Passenger left. Michael and I can only laugh.


  1. Sounds like it's already an adventure. We're looking forward to travelling vicariously with you through your blog. Learn to post pictures soon! :)

  2. Got confused between wine and whine. Isn't international travel supposed to be fun? Let's hear more about all the fun you're having.