Sunday, July 19, 2009

On to Sorrento

The next morning, a little worse for wear, (me, at least), we pack and check out. One member of our group is taking a car down the Amalfi coast and we hitch a ride as far as Sorrento. The drive is very pretty as it winds along the coast of the Bay of Naples, looking back to Naples and Vesuvius. After about 40 minutes we arrive at our hotel, which is positively awesome. It sits atop the cliff directly on the Bay. We learn we have been upgraded to a suite with a great view of the Bay and Vesuvius. When we arrive the wind is howling and the sea crashing into the sun deck. However, this is most welcome as it is 15 degrees cooler than in Pompeii and the sea breeze feels wonderful.

We were upgraded to a Suite overlooking the ocean with a large terrace - simply beautiful!

In the evening we venture into town for dinner. Sorrento is a maze of pretty, narrow streets filled with shops and people, both locals and tourists. It’s Saturday night and everyone is out. We go to restaurant suggested by Gary, a fellow vegetarian. It is good and we have a nice meal which ends well, as we do not have to spend 30 minutes trying to figure out how to divide up the bill between 15 people.
Of course, we finish the meal with Limoncello, in honor of Lance! This seems to be the biggest export of Sorrento.

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